Meet our Skins Collection:

This collection contains all kinds of upholstery textiles, which are the perfect alternatives for leather.

Elegance without effort. Choose fabrics that have a leather look & feel. Perfect for upholstering and easy in use and maintenance. These qualities are our ultimate solution for an elegant, easy-to-clean and luxurious upholstery textile.


Our product development team went all out to create and produce this knitted microsuede look like leather. Dyeing, printing, embossing and finishing; together with a specialized professional factory we created these incredibly elegant fabrics. The new innovative leather finish also gives a thick full grip and will make any sofa, chair or bed look as elegant as it can possibly be.

100% Polyester

No leather, PU of PVC has been used to produce the luxurious fabrics from our Skins collection. New developed finishes have made it possible to create these leather type /lifestyle products. Certified by Oeko-Tex and compliant with all REACH requirements, our Skins fabrics are also human friendly.

Easy care:

Washable at 30 degrees celcius.  Treated to resist moisture and dirt without sacrificing breathability. For years of carefree use and appearance.

Easy in maintenance

Almost carefree in use, maintenance and cleaning and also machine-washable at 30 degrees Celcius. Always wash covers inside out. Kindly note that the treatment will disappear faster during washing.

No limits to your design

Our fabrics are available in a wide range of classic and commercial colours.

Match any style and colour theme. Modern, trendy, contemporary, design or more industrial – these fabrics make your furniture the star of every interior. Suitable for buttoned, fitted and loose fitting upholstery. So use it the way you like it best, we will not hold you back.

Daily maintenance

Remove day-to-day dust and fibers by gently vacuuming. Use a soft brush (preferably a special furniture attachment) and the lowest power setting. Use a special furniture brush for manual cleaning.

Stain removal

Please take immediate action in case of stains. Do not let the stain dry. In the case of a stain caused by a substance, first gently remove the substance with a spoon or any other blunt object. Immediately after, moisten a terry towel with lukewarm water (not too wet) and place it on the stain. Allow the stain to be completely absorbed by the terry towel. Let it dry completely. This may take 24 to 48 hours. Do not lift the towel before its dry – this will stop the process. If your stain is still visible, please repeat the actions as mentioned above.

Beware: never rub to remove a stain! This can cause bleaching of the dye. Please always seek advice from a specialist stain removal company.

Please check out our Fabric Guide – Upholstery Care tutorials on YouTube for more detailed information.  Fabric Guide I upholstery fabric care

Certified product safety

Our fabrics are certified to demonstrate user safety:


OEKO-TEX is a registered trademark, comprising six different certification standards, one of them being OEKO-TEX Standard 100. It means that each component of each article marked with this certification has been tested for harmful substances and hence, is harmless for human health.


REACH is a regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, issued in 2006. The REACH regulation applies to the production and use of essentially all chemical substances throughout the supply chain. REACH is not a voluntary system, but rather a binding law, that we and all other companies are required to comply with.

Textaafoam quality – independently certified


CTL GmbH Bielefeld is a chemical-technical laboratory based in Bielefeld, Germany, focused on testing e.g. textiles, apparel and upholstery fabrics.


Centexbel is a Belgium-based organization focused on R&D, product certification, product testing, and knowledge sharing in the textile and plastic-converting industries.


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voor het laatste nieuws over onze stoffen, handige weetjes en service-informatie