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The way we all think about our planet is shifting. Step by step, sustainable products are conquering the shop. We can even make a statement in our living room with upholstery fabrics made from used plastic bottles and other recycled materials. Come and join us on our journey!

Different insights

During the last economic crisis, the topic of sustainability was mostly seen as a prosperity issue which quickly fell off the priority wagon. The current economic crisis as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic gave us different insights. This crisis made people more aware of their vulnerability and their wellbeing. This awareness encourages us to not only take better care of our personal health, but also of the planet, which in turn takes care of us.

Climate-neutrality in 2050

We have approximately ten years left to reduce our environmental impact and emissions by 55% by 2030. Within the European Green deal, this is an intermediate goal towards climate-neutrality in 2050. Of course, nobody foresaw this year’s epidemic, which has mainly resulted in a year of fear and uncertainty.

Nevertheless, our belief has always been that, especially during these times of crisis, we need to invest. Challenging circumstances such as these allow us to push the reset button, stimulating creativity and creating new opportunities. We believe that, in the next few years more mainstream companies like us will join the sustainable frontrunners.

These are some of the actions we are taking:

The first sustainable concept

Sustainable reuse of materials

Return outdated fabrics

Making packaging and paper more durable

Green energy, technically advanced


Our first sustainable concept

2020 was the year we launched our first sustainable concept for the upholstery industry, called ‘Woven Bottles’. All our initial sales goals where quickly achieved. But numbers aside, it was also an educational journey through which, together with inspiring partners, we learnt a lot and discovered various ways to produce real sustainable fabrics. And we decided to go full speed ahead with Fabraa, our new brand launched in September 2021.

Sustainable reuse of materials

As of 2021 we offer our customers the possibility to return outdated, no longer used Textaafoam samples and fabrics back to us. We ensure responsible processing, preferably in the direction of a circular solution. Therefore, in cooperation with students from the Fontys University of Applied Sciences, among others, we are investigating how to deal with the remainders of the processing. This is visualised and extensively explained and used for the Textilium Knowledge Centre. Textilium aspires to be the stage where the international textile industry shows the latest sustainable developments in fabric making and where experts talk about special innovations.

Return outdated fabrics

Want to return the samples you no longer use? Avoid waste and contribute to a responsible handling of these fabrics! We ensure that they will be recycled or reused, for instance as material for practical lessons at schools. Click here to register your return shipment. DPD will pick up the return shipment. Our customer service will help with all practicalities concerning your return.

Making packaging and paper more durable

Textaafoam is making more and more information available digitally. When we do choose to provide information in print, we use the Nautilus SuperWhite, 100% post-consumer recycled paper – certified by FSC, EU Ecolabel and 5 stars under the Green Star System. The packaging of our samples is sealed without plastic tape and printed with as little ink as possible, and on cardboard certified by FSC and recycle as of 1 January 2021. We opt for customized boxes so we pack less air and therby emit less CO2 during transport. Our samples are designed efficiently and are fitted with a 100% recycled and recyclable “greencast” hood with hook.

Green energy, technically advanced

In the beginning of 2020, we opened our new offices and distribution center. It is build completely energy efficiently, and since the installation of solar collectors in the summer of 2020, it is completely climate-neutral. In addition, we provide electricity for an additional 130 households.

• Sustainable energy supply : Fully electric, Guarantee of origin, Green certificate
• Extremely stable indoor climate : Airtight construction, Highly insulating conditions, Triple glazing

Fabraa – Our dedicated sustainability brand

In September 2021 we launched Fabraa, our new brand dedicated to sustainable upholstery fabrics. With Fabraa we offer products made from recycled material, e.g. polyester fabrics made from used plastic bottles and cotton fabrics that is produced by using old clothing and cotton scraps. We want to offer increasingly more of our sustainable fabrics, taking responsibility and lowering our environmental footprint, while still offering great quality at good prices as our customers are used to.

We are working together with external organizations to understand and improve our activities. We are conducting LCAs (Life-Cycle Assessments) of our Fabraa products to understand the difference it makes when using recycled instead of virgin material and to continue to learn. We find it important to know under what circumstances our products are being made, and how we can work together with our suppliers to improve. So since September 2021 we are a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative, an international membership organization bringing together many companies with the goal to gain better insights into their supply chains and working conditions in their factories, and to learn and improve.

For more information on Fabraa, please visit www.fabraa.com.


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Schrijf u in voor de Textaafoam nieuwsbrief
voor het laatste nieuws over onze stoffen, handige weetjes en service-informatie